Namaha – Striking the delicate balance between Faith and Technology

We now live in a world where technology has infiltrated into the fabric of everyday life. From on-demand delivery services to robotic surgery, it seems we are heading towards a future that is blazing with endless possibilities.

Technological advancements, regardless of the benefits they bring, have mostly been deemed cold and impersonal. Technology might have made life easier, but how has it made life better? How can chips and computers infuse personality and warmth, or replace a human touch? These are some of the questions that continually arise as digital innovations proliferate in our workspaces and personal lives.



Ted Aravinthan

Ted is a co-founder of WyzeUp, a social enterprise organisation helping under served communities digitally transform. Ted is a senior executive in the Technology sector and a regular speaker at Technology forums. He has also consulted for various Government officials on Smart Connected Cities. His passion is to build communities.